Programmer, Hardware Builder, Track Runner

"Oooh, look at me, I looked up a quote!" -Randall Munroe

> Founder of Agoura Hack Club & Honors Society

Founder and Leader of Agoura Hack Club since Freshman year.

> Organizer of Two Local Hack Days

Organized 2 Local Hack Days in Agoura - Latest one was hosted at Hub101.

> Retro Game Design Winner

Won Best Retro Game Design @ Angel Hacks @ Snapchat.

> LVUSD Tech Squad Member

Fixed computers with both software and hardware issues for Las Virgenes Unified School District from 2014-2017.

> Leading inititive for APCSP classes to publish projects

A large portion of the nation uses code.org Applab to teach APCSP; what if there was a simple program to publish them to the App Store?

> Officer of Math Honors Society

Officer of Agoura High School's Honors Math Society from 2018-19.

> Co-Founder of The Umpire Project

What if every school had a program that allow students to have hands on experience fixing computers? Currently at the MVP stage.

> Track and Cross Country

Mid to Long Distance Running is my thing, along with the occational Long Jump event. 17 minute 3 Mile XC PR, 55.82 second 400M T&F PR.

> About Me

Hello! I am the real robot Homo Sapien Harrison Katz. As you may know, I love both programming and running. I have worked on many assorted projects and been apart of various tech groups. I am extreamly active in the Hack Club Community Slack, and you can also reach me at harrison@hkatz.dev.